Hiking trip to Mt. Mitake in Okutama, On Sat Nov.19th!

4 Nov

 On Saturday, November 19th,  2011, we will hike on the Mt.Mitake which is located in Okutama. ( West Tokyo ) , Please join us !!!  

2011年11月19日 御岳山(奥多摩、西東京)にハイキングに行きます! ぜひ一緒に行きましょう☆

Top 5 Reasons to Go on this trip:

1: Get some fresh air and exercise.
2. Explore the outskirts of Tokyo
3: Get to know other people.
4: See the beauty of Japan in its autumn clothes
5: Have fun!!

-Date : Sat, Nov 19th
In case of rain, it will be postponed to the next day(Nov.20th) 雨天の場合、翌日に延期

-Location : Mt.Mitake in Okutama ( West Tokyo ) 御岳山、奥多摩、(西東京)


-Meeting Point: Inside JR Shinjuku station, Platform 7, Car no.1 of “Holiday Express Okutama 3” bound for Okutama.JR新宿駅7番ホーム、ホリデーエクスプレス奥多摩号の一両目。

-Time: 8:00 am sharp (We will not wait for late comers) 午前8時 時間厳守!

-Cost : Just pay your own expenses for the transportation. 交通費、自己負担

※Please charge “Suica”or “ Pasmo” at least 3500 yen per one adult in advance. The total cost will be about 3700 yen (from Shinjyuku sta) ”SUICA”か”PASMO”に事前に3500円分チャージをして来てください。かかる費用は3700円ぐらいの予定です。

-Food & Drinks: Please bring your own lunch & drinks.(Bring what you need) お昼ご飯、飲み物を持って来てください。

-Others : Bring A mat to sit on, plastic bags for your rubbish. You are required to bring your own rubbish home. 敷物、ゴミ持ち帰り用のビニール袋。

-Minimum requirements: 1 A pair of well fitting, broken-in hiking shoes or well- covered sneakers/track shoes with good support. ハイキングシューズかスニーカー(足首がカバーされてるものがよい)2 Comfortable and non-tight fitting attire. 動きやすい服装で。3  Gloves. In Rock garden, you might walk on the slippery path or rock climbing. 軍手 ロックガーデンでは滑りやすい所を歩きます。

-The schedule and the route:

08:19am Departure from JR Shinjuku Station – 09:36am Arrival at JR Mitake Station- 09:40  From Mitake sta.  by bus ( 10min)- 10:20  From Takimoto  by cable car ( 7min ) – 10:30  From the summit of Mt. Mitake  by Chair- lift ( 2min ) – 11:00  The observation platform -HIKING START !~Small shrine along the hiking trail.  Musashi Mitake Shrine~- 12:00 Nagaodaira – LUNCH TIME !! After lunch, you can choose the route A) or B).  お昼ご飯の後、2種類のルートが選べます。

A) Basic course :   For those who wish to return home from here, please proceed and use the same route back to Mitake Station. The rest will proceed to the challenge course


B) Challenge Course : Approximately 2-3 hours along a looping hiking trail through the forest, with small streams, the beautiful “Rock Garden”, a narrow, forested valley with a picturesque stream, lots of moss covered stones and two waterfalls. Please note some parts of the trail are quite steep, but do not require any advanced mountaineering tools. Again, sturdy shoes and gloves, however, are recommended.


Book 予約 :   info@funjapanese.net  /  03-5225-9732


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