Discover Haiku in Autumn 2011

2 Oct

Discover Haiku in Autumn 2011


小石川後楽園の中にある涵徳亭。完全予約制のため日本人          でも中に入ったことがある方は少ないと思います。今回の  俳句イベント「日本の秋を楽しむ」はこの涵徳亭で行います。 俳句の作り方をレクチャー後、短冊を書いて句会。素敵な秋の一日をお過ごしください。俳句は初めてという方も大歓迎です!

Welcome to a place few people have ever visited. A place which is a
natural home to the beautiful Japanese garden know as “Kantoku tei”.

With advance reservation you will be able to join us as we venture
into this lovely Japanese garden to discover Haiku in the autumn

We will give a talk on how to make Haiku and after gathering together
we will write are own Haiku and a make a Japanese Tanzaku, or ‘plate’
to present it on. Beginners are Welcome!

What other better way to enjoy the beauties of Japanese autumn!!
Come along and join us!



What is Haiku?
In contrast to English verse typically characterized by meter, Japanese verse counts sound units known as “on” or morae. Traditional haiku consist of 17 on, in three phrases of five, seven and five on respectively. Among contemporary poems teikei (定型; fixed form) haiku continue to use the 5-7-5 pattern while jiyuritsu (自由律; free form) haiku do not.One of the  illustrates that even the traditional haiku masters were not always constrained by the 5-7-5 pattern.


12:30 セントラルプラザ入り口集合  16:00 解散
場所 小石川後楽園 (飯田橋駅より徒歩10分ほど)
費用 2000円(入園料、場所代、短冊材料費、運営費)
学校外参加 2500円
定員 20名 (日本人/外国人)

Saturday, October 22
Meeting: 12:30 at central plaza entrance (finish around 16:00)
Place : Koishikawa Korakuen ( about 10 minutes from Iidabashi Sta.)
Fee: 2000 yen (entrance, room rent, tanzaku materials, administration)
non students 2500 yen
20 people (Japanese / non Japanese)

Apply 申し込みは


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