Enjoy Japanese Cooking with ILS!

7 Jun

How about trying your hand at some easy home-style Japanese cooking?

いっしょに日本料理を作ってみませんか? かんたんでおいしいメニューを紹介します。

Please come and join our Japanese cooking class. You can practice your Japanese while you learn some simple and delicious recipes! Afterward learn Japanese table manners as we enjoy our creations.

Menu 1. Teriyaki Chicken てりやきチキン

Who doesn’t love Teriyaki!  One of Japan’s most well known marinade dishes; let’s learn how to make it!  Chicken marinated in soy, sake and and Japanese mirin – easy to make and delicious!  Great for any home party.

Menu 2. Tonjiru -pork miso soup  豚汁(とんじる)

Tonjiru is a hearty miso soup made with pork and vegetables.  The base is Japanese bonito, flavoured with miso and a wealth of vegetables added in.  With this simple recipe you can make a big pot of rich and tasty Japanese soup that’s good for you!

On top of that you will be able to pick up some easy and tasty miso recipes!

みそにぎり & みそディップ
Miso Onigiri & Miso Dip


ILS Japanese Cooking Class

Date:  Sunday, June 26. 2011          13:30 – 16:30
Place:  Fujimi Kuminkan             富士見区民館
5 mins from Iidabashi
Fee: 2,000 yen   (2500 yen for non students)

Book now!  info@funjapanese.net


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