>Discover Haiku, Traditional Japanese Poetry with ILS!

26 May


Join us for a lovely day trip to Koishikawa Korakuen garden where you will learn traditional Japanese Haiku, write your own Haiku poem and turn it into an Uchiwa (a Japanese fan)!

You can make your original Uchiwa! (Japanese fan)
Originating in the 17th century Haiku is a short form of traditional Japanese poetry where brevity and simplicity are the key to creating imagery and sharing an experience with the reader.  Traditional Haiku often contained themes of nature and varied with the changing seasons.
Here is one of the most famous Haiku by Basho Matsuo:

“ふるいけや  かわずとびこむ みずのおと”

“The ancient pond
A frog leaped in
The sound of the water”

It is capturing the moment of calm over an old pond in the early summer.
On our day out we will teach you how to write Haiku and you too can share your experience at Korakuen garden through Haiku!  
Finally everyone can make an Uchiwa fan with their Haiku.  To make an Uchiwa you will write your Haiku in Japanese characters, add a little drawing of the theme of your poem and finally place a Hanko (stamp) to complete it.  It will make a nice souvenir of your day at Koishikawa Korakuen!
Check the details below;


“Korakuen garden” 5 min.from Iidabashi sta. 

Date:  Sunday June 5th, 2011  10:00-15:00
 -Haiku Study at ILS  – How to make Haiku
 -Go to Koishikawa Korakuen and make your own Haiku
 -Create your own Uchiwa ( Japanese fan ) with your Haiku and   picture.
–Fee: ILS Student 2000yen, Non-ILS student 2500yen 
   ( fan material, entrance fee for Korakuen etc )  




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