>Donation from ILS teachers

19 Mar


Our mission today was donating food, clothes and necessities to isolated refuge sites.
Nihon Universal design team is handling the delivery part of the support.
http://www.npo-uniken.org/shinsai_volunteer.html  (Sorry, they only
have Japanese site.)

From 1pm on Friday 18th, we started gathering things at Iidabashi
Language School.
This is the list of things we collected. 14 teachers arrived
at ILS with bags full of donations.  One thing we are very sorry
was we could get only few カイロ because of the lack of stock.

What did we donate? 

food and gas
nappies x 6 packs,      wipes 20 packs,
adult nappies  3 packs
除菌ティッシュ4パック   ガーゼ  2袋
cling wrap  28          sanitary pads 65sets
new socks  female 83 male 50,   dusters 44
new underware 約50組      caset stove
gas for caset stove  6本 new towels  53枚
masks  20箱       カイロ     ほうたい
テープ     ばんそうこう     うがい薬
消毒薬     ブルーシート 4袋     アルミシート 5袋
撥水シート 1ロール    ポリ袋 1パック
snacks ダンボール3箱
Curry、seasoning, can, food ダンボール4箱
used clothes   ダンボール3箱

Who helped us buying, packing and delivering things:
Tomomi, Kitayama and her daughter, Abo, Yumi, Satoko, Chikako,
Michioka, Miki, Ogata, Kasada, Noguchi, Nagasawa, Ominato and Yukiko
and Matthew

Who donated:
Ryoko, Yanagida, Sasaki, Miyazawa, Kana, Takezawa, Mitsuoka, Ieuji,
Fukushima, Nao, Nakade, Ikuko, Miki and her mother, Nagasawa and her friends, Toda Kazuko, Yoshida Tamami, Zenko Mitsuko, Maeda Yukari, Maeda Nobuhiko, Nagasawa Jun, Maeda Setsuko.

Thank you to everybody that sent us messages but couldn’t join this time!!

All done at 5:30pm!

日本ユニバ震災対策チーム; NUC    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h_VmIjOlbo
They have their own network to deliver things to the remote locations. A lot of volunteer people helping them driving.


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