>It’s not Kabuki??

26 Feb


Do you know Kabuki?
“大衆演劇 Taishu engeki ” is like a casual Kabuki play for ordinary people.
There are only two Taishu engeki theaters in Tokyo, a lot of hard-core fans come to see their play every day.
What is “大衆演劇 Taishu engeki “?
-The story is easier to understand than Kabuki. It has parody, comedy and some cloak-and-dagger.
-it is usually acted by strolling performer groups (there are about 130 groups!). Some from old families, just like Kabuki, others are new.
 Some of our staff went and made a preliminary inspection at the theater in February!!  
The first thing they have found is the long shopping arcade from Jujo station to the theater.
Because you can bring your own food and drink into the theater. you get the things you want to have while you are watching the play. They have “10 yen okazu”(very cheep!), sake, etc..
legless chair on Tatami!
In the theater regular customers are very friendly and try to teach you what’s happening now and then. (we were not even foreigners!) We found it is a real Shitamachi atmosphere.
On that day, it was one of the actor’s birthday! Some of the audience were giving him a reckless made by 10 or 15 1 man-en notes!! 

This report was from Chikako san, Tomomi san and Miki san, the next event is on March 5h.  Send us an email if you want to book! info@funjapanese.net  It will be a great experience!  

Here is the official site for “大衆演劇Taishuengeki” , where you can check more details, oh its all in Japanese though.. but it looks cool!  http://0481.jp/

<a href=”http://x7.genin.jp/bin/gg?108053400″ target=”_blank”><br /> <img src=”http://x7.genin.jp/bin/ll?108053400″ border=”0″></a><br /> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px”><img style=”margin:0;vertical-align:text-bottom;” src=”http://img.shinobi.jp/tadaima/fj.gif” width=”19″ height=”11″> <a href=”http://brand_kai.jpnz.jp” target=”_blank”>ブランド 買取</a></span>


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